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Commissioned Packages

Fully managed care services 

Our fully managed commissioned packages of care are tailored to the unique requirements of each client. From lifetime sustainable solutions to short-term, temporary support, we take the pressure away from Clinical Commissioner Groups (CCGs), enabling commissioners to have longer-term, more strategic conversations with families.


Should a client’s needs ever change, we have the unique ability to transition or step down from nurses to support workers to reduce costs.

Our fully managed service includes:

72-hour package set-up: Our world-class recruitment and onboarding processes enable us to have a nurse available and compliant to care in 72 hours when required.

Extensive teams: Each client has a service delivery manager, regional clinical lead and care coordinator. 

Clinical governance: Our robust clinical governance and infrastructure mean we can quickly adapt our service, to safely reduce or step-up care in line with a client’s changing needs.

Leading care: Our clinical leads conduct clinical assessments and reassessments, creating care plans that the entire care team works to. All care plans are consistently tailored to the needs of each client.

Support: 24 x 7, 365 days a year clinical and operational support line for each client and their care team. Always available and responsive, with business, clinical and operational capacity, expertise and availability around the clock.

Reporting: Monthly reports and quarterly meetings with a service delivery manager highlighting shift coverage, clinical updates, safeguarding, quality management for each client.

Simplified invoicing: We make invoicing easy, with a client ID on each invoice page, so it’s easy to reconcile. 

Stock control: We regularly check the stock of medicines and medical equipment, proactively reporting when stocks are due to run low

Case studies

Acquired brain injury care - Richard's story

In 2016, dad of two Richard was involved in a road traffic accident whilst out cycling. Richard sadly wasn’t wearing a helmet and sustained a severe brain injury, including multiple fractures to his skull. The accident also caused a reduction in his eyesight and hearing. Richard’s respite care was soon coming to an end.

Pulse Nursing at Home was approached to create a package of care that could safely get him home and back into the community.

How we helped  

  • A seamless discharge home with a tight turnaround of 4 weeks
  • Package of care has seen a significant reduction in hours (by 60%)
  • 100% of shifts successfully covered to date
  • Consistent and effective support on both clinical and non-clinical issues
  • Richard is now leading a fulfilling life and has learnt new life skills

Please click here to view Richard’s story in full.


End of life care - Zara's story

Zara spent her whole life as an inpatient in multiple hospitals around the world. She was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease, a condition that causes scarring of the lungs, making it difficult to breathe.

As a result, Zara became reliant on continuous non-invasive ventilation and had a significant oxygen requirement. Due to her complex condition, she was eventually transferred to Great Ormond Street where she stayed for the final years of her life. Whilst there, she rapidly deteriorated. Pulse Nursing at Home was approached as the number one provider of choice to put together a package of care that would provide stability and continuity for the last couple of weeks of her life.

How we helped

  • A seamless discharge home in just 6 days
  • A team of highly skilled nurses, providing 1:1 care, 7 nights a week
  • Consistent and effective support on both clinical and non-clinical issues
  • Education and support for Zara’s international family around NHS processes
  • Zara enjoyed quality time with her parents and siblings for 10 days before passing

Please click here to view Zara’s story in full.

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